Jacqueline asked me to produce this beginner’s show. She wanted to know what the furniture in a room is called in German. So let’s start our tour through a virtual apartment. If you enter a typical German apartment, you open the door, die Türe, die Türe, and get into a corridor. It is called Flur. Here you can take your shoes off and put your coat on a hanger. The place to store your shoes and coat is called Garderobe. Garderobe. It is the cloakroom. But now off on our tour!

We start with the living-room. It is called Wohnzimmer in German. Wohnzimmer. In the living-room there’s usually a place to sit, for example a couch. We also call it a couch in German. Or sofa. If you sit on a sofa and want to drink something, you put it in front of you on a small table. That table is called Couchtisch. Couch-Tisch.

In some living-rooms there’s also a space for dining. But many homes have a separate area that is called Esszimmer. Dining room. Ess-Zimmer. The main piece of furniture here is a table. It is called Tisch in German. Tisch. You sit at a table. And you sit on chairs. Chairs are called Stühle. One chair is a Stuhl. More chairs are Stühle. Stühle.

We go through to the bedroom. It is called Schlafzimmer in German. Schlafzimmer. The main thing in a bedroom is the bed, of course. And that one is easy to remember, it is called Bett in German. Bett. Beside the bed there is a small table to put books on. It is called a Nachttisch. Nacht-Tisch. On it there is a lamp. The Nachttischlampe. Nacht-Tisch-Lampe. You put your clothes in a wardrobe, it is called Schrank in German. Schrank.

What more is there to tell you? If you want to store your books somewhere, you put them on a shelf. A shelf is a Regal. Regal. I think that’s enough for today. Have fun learning German!