Who are you, Annik?

MG_4371web-e1356559514667-400x500I am a 40-year-old journalist living and working in Munich, Germany. In 2005 I started podcasting, in 2007 I launched Slow German. Slow German is a private podcast and a hobby of mine. I received three awards as a podcaster – in 2005 the International Podcast Award as „Best Non-English Podcast“, in 2006 the German Podcast-Award and in 2009 the European Podcast Award.

How can I help and support Annik?

I am really looking forward to getting e-mails from you – for example if you have any topic-suggestions. Please drop me a line at podcast@slowgerman.com! Slow German is a lot of work, that’s why I have to rely on your support. If you can afford it I would be very happy for a small donation or if you buy the annual membership for the Premium Podcast. That way I can invest more time in producing this podcast.

How does Slow German work?

Slow German is a podcast like any other podcast. You can subscribe to it for free with iTunes or any other podcatcher. You can stream or download episodes if you click on the player in the „Blog“ section. You also get the text to each episode for free – on this website or as a PDF to download. There are special categories like „Absolute Beginner“ – these are the only ones that are in English rather than German. The other episodes are for level B1.

Does it cost anything to use Slow German?

No. You can use the audio episodes and the texts for free. You only have to pay for the bonus content in the premium section.

Is there learning material accompanying the episodes?

Yes, there are learning materials as PDF containing vocabulary, multiple-choice questions, comprehension questions and a text with blanks to every episode. You can download an example here (ZIP-file).

How can I contact Annik?

Either via Mail at podcast(at)slowgerman.com, or you follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/slowgerman or www.twitter.com/annikrubens. Or Facebook: facebook.com/slowgerman.

Where are episodes 1-7?

Episodes 1-7 don’t exist anymore. Slow German was a spin-off of my other podcast, „Schlaflos in München“. The new concept of Slow German that you know now started with episode 8. Old episodes (as well as those of Schlaflos in München) were deleted.


Questions for the Premium Membership

Are old episodes included in the Premium Membership?

Or course! All old episodes are included!

I bought the Premium – now what? 

Usually you get an e-mail with your credentials. If you didn’t get this e-mail, please check your spam folder! With your login credentials feel free to login at https://slowgerman.com/login-2/.

How about the old subscription model and shop?

The old shop model was based on WooCommerce and the accompanying subscription plugin. There were many technical glitches and problems with this solution – that’s why I had to decide to switch to another system. I transferred all 500 subscribers of the old system to the new one manually – if your login doesn’t work after all, please drop me a line at podcast@slowgerman.com!

Is there an app?

Not right now.

More questions? Ask me! podcast (at) slowgerman (dot) com.